Being reliable and independent partners
We put our clients’ satisfaction first. Any project you entrust us with is geared to your needs and infallibly completed as agreed upon. You will talk to one and the same project manager throughout the project life. We have a proven track record of meeting deadlines and staying within the budget. And once the project is finalized, we make sure you were satisfied with our services.


Doing a competent and committed job
Equipped with the necessary expertise, we recognize problems as they arise and come up with carefully targeted solutions. We understand nature, the landscape, and the ways they can be used. We are familiar with administrative procedures and political realities. We make your business our own, so we are committed to your success.


Raising the bar for ourselves
We are overachievers able to cope with stress. The work climate at H&W is one of mutual trust, enabling everybody to openly speak their minds and, hence, improving our performance constantly. Our employees’ keen dedication is rewarded by a profit-sharing scheme.


Adapting to whatever is required
On the one hand, we are at home in Western Switzerland, on the other hand, we look back on a list of successfully completed nationwide projects. Owing to a wide range of in-house experts, we are able to deal with complex tasks on our own. However, we are also at ease practicing interdisciplinary teamwork with other companies.


Giving your money’s worth
Our hourly rates are moderate. Well-known for never once having exceeded a budget at the client’s cost, we guarantee cost caps we have agreed upon. Furthermore, good logistics make us economical at fieldwork as well.